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Easy Tours of Bhutan
Easy Tours of Bhutan
Easy Tours of Bhutan
Easy Tours of Bhutan
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Tashigang located at an altitude of 1,150 meters is the biggest urban centre in Bhutan, after Thimphu. Tashigang is located at a distance of 580 kilometers from Thimphu in Eastern Bhutan. The road linking these two important places is called, the ‘Lateral Road’. This town has its own character, like any town in the mountains. Slow pace of life, cheerful people, people in traditional dresses, flowering plants and a large number of international development projects is the hall mark of Tashigang. Thanks to these projects you are likely to meet many westerners.

To soak up the beauty of Tashigang’s placid lifestyle, three places of social ‘mixing’ are recommended. The Norkhyil Bar, the Ugyen Newly, which is a Bhutanese hotel and the Punsun, which is great place to have fried rice and sweat tea with rum.

Like all Bhutanese towns there is a dzong (fortress). The Tashigang Dzong serves as the administrative headquarters and dates back to 1659. The name Tashigang translates into ‘fortress of the auspicious mountain’. This location of the dzong has ensured its impregnability and has a commanding view of the surrounding area.




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